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Piston Sleeve - An innovative way to reduce spring noise.

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Shipping UK: £3.50

Shipping outside UK: £5.00

make: Most spring loaded rifles.

This is an excellent product for reducing the noise of a spring loaded air rifle. Place this sleeve inside the rifle (between the piston inner wall and main spring) and you will see a dramatic reduction of spring noise.

You can use discarded plastic drinks bottles as sleeves but we think this simple and effective solution is much better with longer lasting results

Made from 1mm thick PTFE (very strong & low friction), the sleeve will reduce the spring 'twang' and reduce internal friction of the rifle when fired.

This can be applied to most spring loaded air rifles and is very simple to fit.


1, Form a tube out of the PTFE - along its length - ie make the longest tube you can from the material.

2, Slide this formed tube down inside the piston so that it will sit between the inner wall of the piston and the outer face of the main spring once this is fitted.

3, You may have to trim the tube in its length so that it sits below the level of the end of the piston - ie does not protrude beyond the top of the cylinder. This is done simply using a craft knife or similar and a straight edge.
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